Unveiling the Badass Architects of Body Literacy

Meet Femtek

Femtek is proudly women-owned and led in Australia and we totally get it when it comes to periods and the menstrual cycle.

We’re on a mission to bid farewell to inaccurate cycle-tracking apps, tech built solely for men and research that excludes women. We’re here to open closed conversations about periods and create a world where fertile windows, periods and mood swings are as predictable as your morning coffee.
We’re dedicated to arming women with body literacy and lessening the cost of women’s health care. We’re disrupting the wearable market with female-led and female-specific health tech and apps that create body and cycle literacy.

Founded in 2019 by Olivia Orchowski after a decade in women’s health and mitigating a slew of her own health issues, the increased frustration in the market led her to create Femtek. Whether you’re managing an underlying women’s health issue or simply seeking a deeper understanding of your body, our solutions are designed to empower you on your journey.
“Women deserve products to meet their unique needs – not to have something repurposed for them that was built for men”

Olivia – Founder & CEO