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We ship worldwide! 
Make sure that you have a valid residential or commercial address, unfortunately, we can’t ship to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers. 

Not with the BBRing! Because our device is designed to collect data overnight/when you sleep; so when you wear the device during the day it will skew your data and give you incorrect cycle information. There is a lot of ways you can utilise the app during the day which will work with the data the BBRing collects at night, and we also work with Apple and Android Health Kits for some data.

Our only requirement for wearing the device is that you have to be asleep for a minimum of 4 hours so we can collect enough temperature measurements to give you an accurate results. If you are not able to wear the device for 4 hours, we will still be able to provide you with a HRV and HR measurement.

Depending on what kind of a shift worker you are (full night shift, or starting your shift in the night) you would either wear your device during your morning sleep when you finish, or up until you wake up for your night shift start. As long as you’re sleeping!

Place your BBRing on your index finger and go to sleep. It’s that easy! Overnight, the BBRing collects over 30,000 measurements of your key biomarkers. It filters out the measurements that are disrupted and when you wake – all of your data is in the Femtek Cycle Tracker app. You don’t have to second guess ovulation or your period with our technology.

Here’s more on how the BBRing works.

We wish we could have designed a universal size or that it was as simple as everyone having the same size fingers! That said, our unique design allows for 3 sizes in one due to our split in the side of the device, which also accommodates to overnight finger swelling. 


We are all about sustainability, and unfortunately sending sizing kits to our users does not work with our own ethics surrounding the excess waste we create on this earth. But never fear, we have an even better solution! To find your ring size you just have to follow our sizing app which is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store


If you don’t have a ring that you can use for finding your size, we recommend heading over to a jeweller the next time you’re in a mall and having them quickly size your index finger!

We recommend wearing the BBRing on your index/pointing finger for optimal results.

If you re between sizes, our recommendation is to get your finger professionally sized by a jeweller

There is overnight finger swelling that occurs, but as our sizes accomodate to three sizes in one and we’re not able to offer exchanges on pre-orders, it’s important to get the best fit.

Our sizes increase by a half size, so we should have a ring size that fits you! The bonus of being able to accomodate to our users with smaller ring sizes, is a huge bonus that many other wearables are not able to accomodate to!


Unfortunately we weren’t able to accomodate to every size with our BBRing. Our largest ring size will accomodate to a US ring size 11, and our smallest size will accomodate to a US ring size 4. 


We currently don’t have the option available to pre-order any other sizes, but please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can start to gauge just how much we may need a specific size!

The BBRing does not replace an oral temperature for Fertility Awareness Methods. To list a device as appropriate for use with FAM, these devices must be built to a certain quality management standard, and require CE, FDA, or TGA approval. This translates to clinical trials, evidence of efficacy, and safety data; all of which we are working toward, and we hope to be able to offer in the future. 


However, our unique and patent pending temperature configuration ensures that we are collecting the most accurate temperature from a distal site.


If you are using oral temperatures for strict avoidance of pregnancy, then no wearable can replace an oral temperature and cervical mucus observations.

To have non-hormonal birth control, you don’t need any products! However, having certain pieces of smart tech does make it a lot easier. To have a device classed as a non-hormonal birth control, there are a lot of hoops to jump through.


At this point, we are unable to tell our users that this device can be used as a non-hormonal birth control. This is also important to remember for all devices that provide a surface temperature, and why FAM with multiple tools and cross check methods is important.

No! Our device has passed all EMC testing for the markets in which we are able to ship to, and due the ability to  use the device in offline mode overnight, our EMF testers weren’t able to pick anything up on our readers.

No, no, no, and a thousand times NO! Our goal and mission is to revolutionise women’s health; not to continually gouge you with a subscription.


We don’t stand with those business models, and we will never change the core user experience to a paid subscription model. Once you buy your BBRing, that’s it. Your BBRing app experience will never be dulled, and it will never be taken away from you.

The BBRing does have a degree of water resistance, but is not water proof. The device is only worn at night, so we suggest ensuring that you remove it when you wake up and sync your data in the morning; so please do not wash your hands with it on. We know that sometimes it can be hard to remember if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but water damage will void all warranties that our manufacturer provides.

Femtek acknowledges that not everyone who bleeds may identify as a woman, and that many biologically born women do not bleed.


The BBRing and cycle tracking app is built with all the available research for biologically born women with ovulatory cycles, and is designed for users who have ovaries and/or a uterus. Anyone can wear or use the ring, but any data or recommendations drawn from users who don’t fit within the categories provided may not be accurate.


There are no specific builds or user experiences built for individuals who have transitioned; and although there is a likeness for someone who has undergone a MTF transition, and some of the profiles which don’t have ovulatory ovulatory cycles occurring; this will still provide inaccurate and/or irrelevant recommendations.


The BBRing brings it’s most functionality for users still experiencing ovulatory cycles (or who are working toward restoring ovulatory cycles).

Yes! Our device contains motion sensors which ensure all data is filtered and excluded if we detect excessive movement. 


This same logic applies to getting up to use the toilet, or move around at night.

Currently if your device is off the charger, it is collecting data. The battery life is roughly 2-3 days, but for proper usage please leave your device on the charger with the cable in a plug that is turned on, in between wears.

You sure can! Our offline storage has you and your melatonin covered!

We strongly suggest syncing your device every day to your app, and making the most of the user experience the Femtek BBRing app provides! The ring is designed to sync with your app daily, for the optimal user experience.

Our couriers and partners are thrilled to be able to support you getting your order safely and quickly! For more details on shipping and returns click here.

Domestic Australia – Free
Worldwide postage – $10

We are unable to accept returns on pre-orders, but for devices which are not pre-orders we accept returns up to 5 days after delivery, if the item is unused, boxed, and in its original condition, and we will refund the full order amount minus the shipping costs.

If you wish to return your device in these 5 days, you are responsible for return shipping. Our manufacturer also offers a limited manufacturer warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase.

In the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please email us as soon as possible at support@femtek.co with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We address these on a case-by-case basis but will try our best to work towards a satisfactory solution.

Your device is calibrated against you so it will take 7-10 days for the app to learn you and provide these values back to you.

If you are experiencing error messages when setting up your account, please contact support@femtek.co so we can assist. This is done on a case by case basis, and there is no one size fits all fix.

It’s not important which way you wear the BBRing. We have the LED facing to camera for photoshoots, but it doesn’t need to face away from you in real life.

No you don’t need to keep Bluetooth on. The app by default stores in offline sleep mode.

When you open the app in the morning, the data will sync to your phone. We have put in an update to display the notification about your device calibrating to you, which will take 7-10 days before temperature is displayed.

It sure is! Our technology has the capability to help you understand your menstrual cycles even if they’re irregular. All of the measurements captured overnight when you wear the BBRing, the data you input into the app and the accurate insights you receive is all based on your own body and your own cycles.

This is a totally normal part of the process as the lights correlate to different sensors which go through their own sleep/wake cycles. It doesn’t mean the device is broken, it means the device is working exactly as it should!

You can email us at support@femtek.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.