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Let’s re-write the rulebook on period tracking…

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Built exclusively for women, by women and encompasses every life stage.


Takes the guesswork out of your cycle.

Issues aside

Can be used with irregular cycles, Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD & Infertility.

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only worn at night

Only worn at night

light and comfortable to wear

Light and comfortable to wear

Australian designed and owned

Australian Designed & Owned

BPA and PFA free

BPA and PFA Free

Meet the Basal Body Ring

Revolutionary smart ring designed specifically for women to improve menstrual cycle tracking. The BBRing goes beyond standard cycle tracking to assess stress physiology and overall body health. It monitors basal body temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability while you sleep. Syncing with the Cycle Tracker app each morning, it helps with fertility tracking, training, body literacy and breastfeeding monitoring.


Simply slip the BBRing onto your index finger before bed, and let it do the work while you sleep. By measuring your basal body temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability, the BBRing gathers crucial data to provide insights into your menstrual cycle.


Once you wake, your BBRing syncs effortlessly with our Cycle Tracker app. This integration allows for personalised predictions and insights tailored to your unique cycle data, eliminating the guesswork. The BBRing provides precise, accurate and valuable tracking insights for women trying to conceive, manage menstrual health problems, birth control without hormones and general cycle awareness.


Our technology isn't limited by women's health conditions like Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, infertility, or irregular cycles. Whether you're experiencing your first period or navigating menopause, we understand that every woman is unique so we've created a unique experience for every woman.


Unlike other period tracking apps that rely solely on basic calculations, our approach utilises over 30,000 data measurements to deliver precise predictions and customised daily suggestions. We understand the frustration of inaccurate predictions and the impact it can have (goodbye ruined white pants).

" I can't believe how off my old tracking app was. "
Femtek customer