Set Up your bbring

Hey sis!

We’re so excited to have you as part of the Femtek Fam!
Let’s get you set up and ready to rewrite your cycle-tracking game.

Set up your bbring

When you receive your BBRing, your device will arrive in sleep mode. You’ll need to place it on charge for a full charge before pairing it with your app.

Place the BBRing with the two metal circles face down onto the two metal prongs on the charger. they’re magnetic so you’ll know you’ve done it correctly when they magnetise together.

You’ll know that your device is charging correctly when the LED is flashing. The device will have a full charge when the LED is solid.

While your device is charging, download the Femtek Cycle Tracker app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Create your account

You’ll need to enter your information, make sure you fill in your information correctly. Don’t worry, all your information is encrypted and de-identified so we don’t know who you are.

You’ll need to work through the multi-factor authentication steps and verify your phone number. It may seem annoying but it's in place to protect you and your data.

Set up your profile

Now that your account is set up, you’ll need to create your profile to personalise your experience while using the BBRing and Cycle Tracker app.

Every woman is different and has different needs so what you select and experience is probably different to your bestie so make sure you fill in as much information as possible.

Pairing your bbring

Once your device has a full charge, you can pair it with the app. The pairing process happens over Bluetooth (so make sure it’s on) - you’ll only need to pair it once.
Make sure your BBRing and phone are within close distance of each other.
Keep your BBRing on the charger to pair the app.
Click the ring symbol in the top right corner to begin the pairing process and follow the prompts within the app.

Remember: This won’t work unless your BBRing has a full charge!

Your BBRing

You only need to wear the BBRing at night, wearing it during the day will provide inaccurate data and insights.
As soon as you’re ready to go to sleep, put your ring on.
When you wake up, put the BBRing back on its charger.

Your charger

Your BBRing and charger are magnetised. You don’t need to use anything to weigh the ring down to the charger, doing so will damage the pins and the BBRing as well as voiding the warranty.

When not in use

When it's not in use, you’ll need to put the BBRing on its charger and leave it there.
It will go into sleep mode when it’s on the charger and wake with movement.
If your BBRing is not on the charger, it will continue trying to collect data.

If you’re in a situation (like travelling) where you can’t keep your ring plugged in and on the charger, you will need to set your app and ring to airplane/flight mode.
To do this, click the ring icon in the top right corner and toggle the airplane/flight mode switch to on. It will automatically turn off once you plug the charger in and put your ring back on charge.


It will take 7-10 days to establish your baseline and for the app to learn you, so don’t stress if your temperature data isn’t available to you straight away - it’s still calibrating.

To sync your data each morning, put your ring back on its charger and open the app.
A bar will appear at the top when your data is syncing so don’t close the app. You’ll receive a notification when the sync is complete


The more you use your BBRing, the better it becomes. By continuing to wear your BBRing each night and utilising the app and its daily trackers, the more tailored recommendations become to you.
Certain features like your ovulation prediction will take several cycles of data to establish your baseline and become accurate.

Navigating the app

There’s several screens within the Femtek Cycle Tracker app, the main one being the home screen where you’ll get an overview of your cycle.

Home Screen

When you open your app, it will always open to your home screen. The current date will be displayed.

You’ll see today’s date highlighted along the weekly bar, as well as the current day you are in your cycle.

You’ll have your median heart rate, heart rate variability and cycle length all displayed individually. If you’re new to using the BBRing, your heart rate and heart rate variability won’t be displayed until it’s calibrated correctly to you after 7-10 days. Your cycle length will be as you put in when you set up the app and will sync as your BBRing learns from you and your cycles.

Your temperature, ovulation and period will be displayed in the charts at the bottom of the screen.

Your ovulation and predicted cycles will take at least a month of continual wear to display and provide accurate data so don’t worry if they’re not displaying initially.

Daily Tracker

Your daily tracker is where you can log all your daily information. The more you fill out each day, the more tailored your recommendations and insights will become.

When your period arrives, just select the level of your flow (click the information button to understand which one to select).

Breastfeeding tracker

You can keep track of your breastfeeding journey in the breastfeeding tracker. You have the option to select nursing or expressing. This is particularly handy to keep track of feeding times, which side you’re up to and adding notes.


Your fitness screen is where you’ll have all of your daily recommendations like your cycle tips, exercise and nutrition.

By selecting the day from the bar at the top, you’ll be able to see the recommendations for each day prior, along with your nightly heart rate, heart rate variability and average temperature. Your cycle tips and recommendations will take at least 7-10 days to display as your BBRing calibrates and learns you.


The calendar screen will give you an overview of the month. You’ll be able to see the days you’ve logged information, and when your expected ovulation and period days are.


Under settings you’ll find everything related to your account, your ring and about the app. Here you’ll be able to contact us with any support related issues you may be having.

If you’re having any issues with your BBRing, charger or app - please contact Femtek Support

Our app is tested across all iOS and Android versions; But for best performance, make sure you are continually updating your phone’s software.

We recommend wearing the BBRing on your index/pointing finger for optimal results. You need to make sure that the finger you wear it on is always consistent to ensure accurate measurements. 

You sure can! Our offline storage has you and your melatonin covered!

No you don’t need to keep Bluetooth on. The app by default stores in offline sleep mode.

When you open the app in the morning, the data will sync to your phone. If it’s not syncing, try a force close of the app. 

At the top of your app there will be a display bar that fills up as the syncing process is happening, Once it’s complete you will receive a notification that synchronisation has been completed. 

This is a totally normal part of the process as the lights correlate to different sensors which go through their own sleep/wake cycles. It doesn’t mean the device is broken, it means the device is working exactly as it should!

Check out our FAQs page here. If your question and answer aren’t there, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.