Elevate Your
Self-Care Routine

The Basal Body Ring: The Revolutionary Smart Ring Designed to Boost Body Literacy 

Meet Femtek's
Basal Body Ring

The world’s first women’s smart ring.

Accurate data, personal suggestions and meaningful insights into your menstrual health, all delivered daily.

Only worn at night

Light and Wearable

Australian Designed & Owned

BPA and PFA Free


Simply wear the ring while you sleep and wake up to your data in the Femtek Cycle Tracker App. Gain body awareness, and understand your natural rhythms all uniquely tailored to you and your body.

The FEMTEK Difference

Built exclusively for women. We can help you to understand your menstrual cycles even with women’s health conditions such as Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, Infertility and Irregular Cycles.

Experience personalised insights:
Your Life, Your Data, Your Cycle.

Femtek is a leading provider of innovative solutions for women’s health and cycle literacy. Our mission is to empower women with accurate insights and knowledge about their menstrual health. Through our cutting-edge technology, including the Basal Body Ring (BBRing) and Femtek Cycle Tracker app, we revolutionise the way women track and understand their cycles. With precise data on basal body temperature, heart rate, and other essential biometrics, Femtek enables women to make informed decisions about fertility, family planning, and managing underlying women’s health issues.