AUSTRALIA's First Women's Smart Ring

Designed for accurate cycle-tracking.

We're here to Smash , Disrupt , Break The status quo

Say goodbye to unreliable cycle-tracking apps and technology that overlooks women's needs.

We’re committed to inclusivity and accuracy in women’s health. Our goal is to spark open conversations about periods and create a world where understanding your cycle, your mood swings and fertile windows are as predictable as your morning coffee.

Girl gang

Built exclusively for women, by women and encompasses every life stage.


Takes the guesswork out of your cycle.

Issues aside

Can be used with irregular cycles, Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD & Infertility.

Free Forever

No ongoing subscription.

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Burning Questions?

We’ve got all your answers. 

Find everything you need to know about Femtek, the BBRing and Cycle Tracker app here.

Experience personalised insights & health tracking:
Your Life, Your Data, Your Cycle.

Femtek is a leading provider of innovative solutions for women’s health and cycle literacy. Our mission is to empower women with accurate insights and knowledge about their menstrual health. Through our cutting-edge technology, including the Basal Body Ring (BBRing) and Femtek Cycle Tracker app, we revolutionise the way women track and understand their cycles. With precise data on basal body temperature, heart rate, and other essential biometrics, Femtek enables women to make informed decisions about fertility, family planning, and managing underlying women’s health issues with overall health tracking for a unique experience – because no two cycles are the same.