How Do You Know Your Period Is Coming?

Periods. They come each month, they go each month. With it, sometimes it brings something new and different to the party that makes you question if you really know your body as well as you should. 

Cramps? Yep. Period poos? You got it girl. Migraine? Not again! 


And other times, there’s the all too familiar signs that you’re getting your period. Acne, temp shifts and PMS. 


We asked our Femtek followers what are your telltale signs that your period is coming (real) soon and the answers were so good we had to share them. 


  • All the feelings
  • Constipation
  • Crying watching movies or TV shows
  • I psycho-clean and throw stuff out… Like a lot of stuff
  • Excessive cleaning of the house
  • I’m a cranky bishh (more so than usual)
  • Mood swings
  • Craving sugar, tired, feeling less like ‘me’
  • Low motivation
  • Crying at literally everything
  • Eating like a beast
  • I seriously consider ending my 15-year relationship for about 3 days straight
  • My husband starts eating louder
  • I’m mean to my partner and it’s generally not warranted
  • Drop in temp
  • I get super cold 48 hours prior
  • Soft stools, insatiable hunger and rage
  • Farts
  • The weights I normally lift in the gym feel ridiculously heavy
  • Menstrual migraine
  • My boobs are rocks 


Honestly though, these are sooooo relatable! Props to the women knowing their temperature shifts. These temperature changes can be tracked with the Basal Body Ring by Femtek. You’ll also know what your telltale signs are too and be given the heads up! 

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