3 Things To Start Doing YESTERDAY If You Are Trying To Conceive!

When embarking on the journey of motherhood and growing your family, the amount of (often conflicting) information available can be overwhelming and a straightforward path on where to start to support this process can often be unclear. 


So to keep things simple, actionable and achievable, here are three things you can start doing TODAY to support your journey to motherhood. 


1. Start tracking your BBT – we may be a bit biassed, but we are big fans of basal body temperature (BBT) charting here at FemTek. For something that takes less time to do per day then brushing your teeth, you get an enormous amount of valuable information in return that is only supportive on your journey to conception. Read more about tracking your BBT here.


2. Reduce your plastic exposure – plastic is here to stay in our world for the time being, but it is only bad news for our fertility. Plastics and environmental chemicals can impact fertility in various ways, from reducing egg and sperm quality, to disturbing the reproductive microbiome, and hijacking hormone metabolism plus unfortunately, a lot more. Your body, fertility and future family will only thank you for reducing your plastic and environmental chemical exposure now. Start with easy swaps like changing plastic drinking bottles to glass or stainless steel, plastic food containers to glass and checking out the labels on your bath and body products. Remember, anything that goes into your body or onto your skin has the capacity to influence your health, either positively or negatively. Set some time aside to do an audit of your regular daily products, and if you’re not sure which ingredients are beneficial or not, check out the EWG (Environmental Working Group) database.


3. Tidy up your sleep hygiene – are you falling into bed scrolling on your phone for an hour or so before eventually closing your tired eyes and getting some sleep? We get it, we’ve all been there, however, this is not supporting your fertile potential. The circadian rhythm plays a huge role in maintaining optimal cellular function, including the functioning of egg cells! Egg health is a foundation of fertility. Nurturing your circadian rhythm is a priority when supporting egg health. Aim to avoid screens after the sun goes down, and when it’s unavoidable, consider using the night shift mode on your phone and blue light blocking glasses. 


At FemTek we love supporting women optimise their fertility on the journey to motherhood.

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