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Breaking Up With Inaccurate Period Tracking Apps: How Femtek’s Basal Body Ring Enhances Accuracy

Tracking your period in the digital age has become as easy as opening a push notification sent from an app. However, was that push notification accurate? Did your period in fact start? Or was ovulation late?


Sometimes, the accuracy of these apps can often leave much to be desired. Enter; Femtek’s Basal Body Ring. A revolutionary wearable device that takes cycle tracking to a whole new level.

The Problem With Inaccurate Period Tracking Apps

Sometimes – They. Just. Don’t. Get. It. Right.


There’s nothing worse than suddenly getting that dreadful feeling of “OMG I just got my period early” and being completely unprepared for that situation because your app is just a virtual calendar of your cycle.


Many period tracking apps on the market only rely on simple calculations and predictions. Factors such as irregular cycles, hormonal fluctuations, and health conditions like Endometriosis, and PCOS are often overlooked; resulting in unreliable predictions. This can be frustrating and even detrimental for women trying to conceive, managing their fertility, or simply gaining a better understanding of their bodies.


Enter The Femtek Basal Body Ring (BBRing)

There’s a new sheriff in town – The Basal Body Ring. The BBRing offers a game-changing solution to the inaccuracies of traditional period tracking apps.


By collecting key biomarkers such as basal body temperature, heart rate, and heart rate variability, the Basal Body Ring provides a comprehensive view of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This advanced wearable device offers real-time data and precise insights that empower women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. 


Enhanced Accuracy With Basal Body Temperature

Ok, so what’s basal body temperature and why is it important?


Basal body temperature (BBT) is a crucial indicator of ovulation and overall cycle health. Unlike other tracking methods, the BBRing captures BBT data directly from the source, eliminating external factors that can distort readings. By tracking BBT, Femtek enables women with ovulation and cycle insights that your period app cannot match.


Personalised Insights & Recommendations 

Beyond accurate tracking, the BBRing offers personalised insights and recommendations tailored to each individual. Yes – it’s not just a one size fits all situation here! Every woman’s cycle and health is different.


The accompanying Femtek Cycle Tracker app analyses the collected data to provide valuable information about hormone fluctuations, fertility patterns, and optimal timing for conception. With this knowledge, women can better understand their bodies, optimise their fertility journey, and confidently take charge of their reproductive health.


By breaking up with inaccurate period tracking apps and embracing Femtek’s innovative solution, women can begin a journey of better understanding, empowerment, and control over their menstrual health.


If you’re absolutely done with the frustration and confusion of inaccurate cycles and ready to jump ship on your current period tracking app, the Basal Body Ring and Cycle Tracker app from Femtek is for you.

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